Monday, January 23, 2012

Poll Results: Android Wins!

Ok, so this is probably not the most representative data. The researcher in me is screaming, "Small sample size!" "No demographic info!" or "Biased sample!". But hey, the poll was for fun and is at least kinda representative of the people reading this blog. So drumroll please.... of the 82 people who voted (actually that's a pretty big sample when comparing to developmental studies), 37 of you use an Android, 19 use the iPhone, and 26 use the iPad.

I did a quick stat test (chi-square for those of you who care), and overall, there is a statistical significance. But when you break it down, it's really just a significance between Android and iPhone.

Nonetheless, I'm kinda surprised by the results! I get the lower iPhone percentage - small screen... but I thought the iPad would be more popular. Is it the cost? I've never used an Android... what are its pluses?

One thing's for sure - I should start reviewing some Android Apps for you folks. I've done a little research on finding apps that are available for both Mac and Droid, so those reviews should start coming out soon - at least that's a good starting point, right?


  1. But iOS devices (when you combine them) win 45-37. That is the more telling stat. We have both. And I didn't see the poll - but was "both" an option?

    1. That is a good point. And no, I did not have "both" as an option. I guess I view the iPhone and iPad as very different platforms for educational purposes rather than two devices of the same type of programming because the iPad seems to have more potential for use with young children given the larger screen and thus more interactive qualities. Do you find yourself using your two devices for different apps?

    2. We have an iPod Touch which is basically an iPhone without the phone and uses Wifi, or alternately you could think of it like a small iPad. Aren't the apps available for all 3 of those the same?? I realize some apps will be easier for a young child on the bigger iPad screen but I think the apps are the same.

    3. For the majority, they are the same. I've seen a few have more "enhanced features" for the iPad than for the "iPhone" (thus sometimes cost more), and some companies are starting to just focus not the iPad only.

    4. Hi,

      I think I can see where you are coming from keeping iPad and iPhone/iPod touch devices separate: one device can easily be shared by two people (say parent and child) while the other one cannot (... not so easily). We could argue about children apps which do not need more than one person actually holding the device (thus allowing people to count all iOS devices as one big category), but for the sake of simplicity let's focus on apps which do.
      On the android front, you should also ask what kind of device we are talking about: is it Android ported on a smart toaster, Android running on a tablet, or Android running on a smartphone?

    5. Thanks AddictiveColors - you're right, I should either collapse both or separate out both. Guess I should do another poll!

  2. I missed the voting too, but would have voted Droid. Skimming through the blog posts over the last couple of weeks, it would seem that most (all?) apps reviewed were for iOS devices.

    I decided to keep following it since maybe it was a fluke, or maybe the apps would have versions for more than one platform (iOS as well as Droid). Looking forward to hearing about Droid apps for my 8 and 3 year old girl and boy (respectively).

    Rob in San Jose

  3. I am following you because i'm 'in process' of getting a tablet. researching, saving pennies, etc. hopefully will have one soon, but i'm going with an android. ipads are hard to manage when you run linux like we do.
    so, yeah, i'd love to see more reviews of stuff on android marketplace. also, i'd love to see more older kid educational app reviews. seems like most people review preK-K ones.

  4. FYI, I read your blog from my (Android) phone, but most of my kids' "portable screen time" is on the iPad. I didn't see the poll, but I'm not sure how I would have answered if I did.


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