Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Matter of App Awards!

I'm excited to present to you the very first A Matter of App Awards! I started this blog partially because people would ask me to recommend apps and I just didn't know. But now, here are my answers. While I've not reviewed a terribly large number of apps here, I've also been reviewing for YogiPlay and Common Sense Media. So all together, I've officially reviewed a few hundred apps in less than a year! That may not make in a dent in the grand scheme of the app world, but I think it's not too shabby for one person. With the knowledge that I've probably missed out on many great apps, here's what I've loved so far...

Best become part of the story experience:

Best overload of literacy-focused features

Most gorgeous and inspiring book about books:

Best apps for direct instruction of phonics:

Best taking it to the next level for comprehension

Best app for learning vocabulary in context:

Best math app with a focus on concept:

Best think about math in a different way:

Art and Music
Best virtual piano lesson:

Best adaptation of a song and turning it into so much more:

Best apps that inspire you rethink what an app can be:

Best inspriation be a good teacher by providing the support and feedback needed:

Best inspiration for kids to say, “When I grow up, I want to be a…”

Best inspiration for family fun:

Best inspiration for those know-it-alls:

Best inspiration to take any topic and make it educational:

Best Parent Center within an app:

Just For Fun:
The Cuteness Factor Award:
  • Toca Band (come on, Mr. Whizzle Whiz, Shaky McBones and gang have their own music video…)

Best kids app that adults probably secretly love:

Best upgrade of the “Where’s Waldo” game:

Best combo of things you probably love:
**Note these are all iTunes links, but some of these also have android versions.


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